Sunday, October 4, 2009

BEHL Contracted with REW and Comfort Systems

BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BEHL) has contracted with REW and Comfort Systems to work in concert with BEHL to provide engineering, rendering, and site build services for the Algae Pro closed loop Photobioreactor installs signed to date. This addition of their unique assets will enable BEHL to bring our latest enhancements to our target market through CAD and animation to fully comprehend both the simplicity and detail of each plan of operation.

Management has further defined the following expanded market categories for the pursuit of new sales of our Patent Pending Algae Pro Photobioreactor.

Anaerobic Digester to Fuel Cell with Algae

Livestock Manure inserted into an Anaerobic Digester which creates Methane Gas and CO2 -- pull both the waste water and the CO2 from the Digester into the Algae Pro Photobioreactor and feed the Methane into the Fuel Cell Technology -- Fuel Cell creates electricity and the waste products from fuel cell are 1) Oxygen 2) CO2 & 3) Nitrogen (of which #2 & 3 are fed into the Algae Pro Photobioreactor).

Targeted strain -- very nutritious Chlorella = 60% starch algae feed to the maker of the manure.

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